Actifio - ABnet Communications Ltd.


Established in 2009, Actifio is an American company rated by the Gertner Institute and other rating companies, as one of the fastest growing data storage companies. Actifio offers customers a unique solution for the dramatic growth in duplicate data and backup content. It helps protect and manage all corporate data copies derived from a central production system and used by the organization for development, testing, local and remote replication, regulation copies and analytics copies. It also serves as a managed backup system, controlled from a single core site with a user friendly interface, completely independent from the data storage manufacturer and the backup program. When implementing Actifio’s solution, organizations can save over 70% in direct annual expenses related to storage purchasing, backup and communication lines between sites on the one hand, and contributes to improved functionality and services given to various departments in connection to data protection on the other hand. In its short time in operation, the company can already boast hundreds of satisfied customers.

In Israel, Actifio is very successful in servicing Israel’s large scale communications and banking customers. Actifio cooperates with several business partners to provide its customers with around the clock local implementation and support services. ABnet is Actifio’s sole distributor in Israel.

ABnet has over 15 years of experience with the business and technical aspects of the world’s leading backup program companies in all business segments. The dedicated sales and technical managers provide confidence and a wide variety of services to all our resellers.