Avaya - ABnet Communications Ltd.


Avaya is a global communications leader delivering unified communications technologies, contact centers, collaboration, user experience management, and networking solutions to organizations that range from small and medium businesses to large enterprises and government bureaus. Avaya’s Engagement solutions facilitate higher quality communications with more accurate data, at the right time and with the appropriate context, efficiently and while responding to complex business challenges of employees, customers and partners. Avaya’s solutions reduce costs, simplify management and provide next generation engagement and collaboration. The company’s products and solutions can be implemented in multiple models, including cloud implementation, private cloud or on site. Avaya’s solutions focus on three key categories: Team Engagement, Customer Engagement and Fabric Networking.

ABnet is the official distributor of Avaya in Israel and holds certifications for the Avaya’s entire product line. ABnet’s team of experts engages its partners on all levels of support, including training, sales, implementation and service.

ABnet has extensive, in depth knowledge of wired, data and video communications. We bring confidence through feasibility and performance testing by our product and business development managers, field sales managers and technical support professionals for all our resellers in this complex arena.